We are building the naval vessels of the future

The Danish navy needs new, multifunctional naval vessels. These vessels are to strengthen the capabilities of the Royal Danish Navy in Danish waters and prepare the navy for encountering future complexities at sea.

Danske Patruljeskibe K/S is a consortium created to perform the task of designing, building and maintaining the new, modern naval vessels of the Royal Danish Navy.

An export journey by naval vessel
Initially, the new, multifunctional naval vessels are Danske Patruljeskibe K/S’ solution to the Danish Parliament and the Danish Defence's wish to strengthen the Danish navy.

However, the export perspectives of this new type of vessel are hard to miss. With out strong relations to navies all over the world and an excellent history of exporting vessel designs beyond the borders of Denmark, we will work on making this project another Danish export success that will benefit Danish trade and industry.

Consortium partners

The consortium Danske Patruljeskibe K/S consists of OMT Naval ApS, Terma and PensionDanmark.