Flexible and modern naval vessels for the Royal Danish Navy

The naval vessel is a military vessel which, depending on the equipment, can handle a large number of different tasks, including patrolling, environmental tasks and actual battle activities in a broad spectrum.

The modular design and modern technology of the naval vessel provide the most resource-optimal utilisation of the various capacities of the vessel.

A strong green profile is part of the vessel design, including the use of the latest technologies for optimising performance and efficiency, effective hulls as well as green fuels in situations where this is possible. By using the safest new technologies, we provide the best solution for the Danish Defence at the right price.

The consortium Danske Patruljeskibe K/S

Danske Patruljeskibe K/S is a consortium created by OMT Naval ApS, Terma and PensionDanmark.

The purpose of the consortium is to offer its services as a total supplier for the Danish Royal Navy’s future multifunctional naval vessels. Danske Patruljeskibe unites OMT’s shipbuilding expertise with Terma’s military qualifications, while PensionDanmark provides financial security.

As a total supplier, Danske Patruljeskibe will be responsible for providing an innovative and modular vessel design, building the vessels and protecting the investment of the Royal Danish Navy through careful maintenance of the new naval vessels.

Danske Patruljeskibe wants to develop these vessels in close cooperation with the Danish navy, making sure that the vessels meet the strategic as well as the operational requirements of the Royal Danish Navy. Furthermore, with a modular design, we open up for the possibility of the navy adding currently unknown technologies and capacities to the vessels in the future.

In order to provide an overall solution to the Royal Danish Navy, Danske Patruljeskibe K/S will draw on the relevant areas of specialisation of a large number of Danish subsuppliers.

Danish suppliers increase national security

It is important to the Danish Defence that development, construction and maintenance of the vessels will be handled by Danish suppliers to the greatest extent possible.

With Danish suppliers, the Royal Danish Navy is given security of supply, and the project will promote Danish trade and industry through jobs and know-how and establish a new, high-tech defence product that can be exported to other allied nations.

At Danske Patruljeskibe, we welcome the Danish Defence's desire to keep this project in Danish hands. Due to our many years of experience, we know that strong collaboration with skilled subsuppliers is the key to providing a forward-looking and long-lasting solution for the Danish Defence.

Throughout the entire process from design to construction and maintenance, we will therefore establish new collaborations with Danish subsuppliers, who can each contribute with their expertise in order to make this naval vessel project a success for all parties.

Consortium partners

The consortium Danske Patruljeskibe K/S consists of OMT Naval ApS, Terma and PensionDanmark.