Register as a potential supplier

Register as a potential supplier

If you are a potential supplier and partner to Danske Patruljeskibe, the first step is to register with us.
You can do this by sending an email to, in which you tell us who you are, what you do or can contribute to the new naval vessels, and any questions you may have.

Following this, Danske Patruljeskibe will register you in our systems, and you will receive a response from either Danske Patruljeskibe, Terma, or OMT.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Potential partners & suppliers

At DPS, we have taken on the role as total supplier towards the Danish Defence for the purpose of providing finished and operational naval vessels.

DPS will handle this task together with Danish industry, including the maritime industry as well as other relevant industries, making sure that Denmark will have the best defence that money can buy. Together with our future partners and suppliers, we will ensure delivery on time and on budget.

We will also invite interested international suppliers to participate—preferably in collaboration with Danish partners.

Find more information about DPS and our procurement process in this presentation.

Military security clearance

The patrol ships are part of the Navy's combat units, and the Danish Armed Forces have pointed out the importance of no unauthorized persons gaining access to classified or sensitive information about the ships' capacity, layout or equipment.

This places special demands on Danske Patruljeskibe and our future partners and suppliers.

Non-Danish suppliers may in dialogue with Danske Patruljeskibe or its main suppliers (Terma A/S or OMT) determine if a military security clearance is required. If it is required, the supplier will apply for this in its home country. All suppliers will also be obliged to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with Danske Patruljeskibe.

For Danish suppliers, this is a guide for the application process in Denmark (in Danish only): Guide (PDF)

In addition, Danish suppliers can find information on the latest guidelines from the Danish Defence Intelligence Service here.