New report on national shipbuilding capacity in Denmark

New report on national shipbuilding capacity in Denmark

On 21st May 2024, the National Maritime Partnership, published a new report on the future possibilities for establishing national shipbuilding capacity in Denmark.

In connection to the release of the report, CEO of Danske Patruljeskibe K/S (DPS), Hans Schneider, was interviewed by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and had the opportunity to highlight some of the important report takeaways from DPS’ perspective:

▪ DPS is pleased with the report, which emphasizes the important tasks that lie ahead, for both our society and industries, in order to add new ships to the Danish fleet, while at the same time increasing the security of supply for Denmark.

▪ The report confirms that Denmark needs new and modern shipbuilding capacities to be able to build new naval ships - DPS agrees.
The foundation for this is a strategic fleet plan that provides industry security and clearly outlines what the industry is expected to deliver.
At the press release, where the report was presented, the Minister of Defense mentioned that such a fleet plan will be negotiated in fall of this year.

▪ DPS sees it as crucial that the government and politicians create attractive business frameworks for the industry to acquire the necessary capital to be invested in the needed shipbuilding capacity.
In relation to this, DPS finds that the report points out some good suggestions.

A big thank you to the National Maritime Partnership for their hard work in publishing the new and highly relevant report.