Invitation to an event for potential partners and suppliers

As a total supplier, Danske Patruljeskibe has by the Danish Defence been given the task of designing, constructing and equipping naval vessels in the best possible way while ensuring reliable security of supply for the Danish Defence. DPS will do this together with Danish industry, including the maritime industry and other relevant industries.

All interested Danish potential partners are invited to participate in the event on Thursday the 17 August 2023. At this event, you can learn more about what the project is all about, what the process will entail, and how you can become part of the project, and you can ask questions. The event will be in Danish.

You can download the programme - Here

We invite you to the event together with the following interest organisations: DI FOS, Danish Maritime, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Naval Team Denmark and CenSec. The interest organisations will send out invitations to relevant members during week 26.

If you are interested, you can register as a participant in the event by sending an e-mail to, stating your name and company name.